The paradisiacal glory of the Ezeagu waterfalls

Destination: Ezeagu tourist complex.

Location: Enugu State (The Coal city), South-Eastern Nigeria, West Africa, Africa, Planet 🌍

Tourists/Explorers: (The Overcummers) TheLastGoodMan and Chef Dee.

We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm, and adventure. There is no end to the adventures we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open – Jawaharial Nehru


After a successful day-1 tour, we convened again on a later date, but this time in the absence of our ever graceful Monsieur Obio, who had returned to his base to continue his missionary journey πŸ˜‰. So, I and Chef Dee moved our ajala legs to locate and explore the ezeagu tourist complex which comprises of a cave, a waterfall and the heneke lake.

We succeeded in visiting the waterfall only, because we left the state capital late and locating this complex was like a mystery, no one seemed to know where this tourist complex is located in Ezeagu. In fact, when we approached some men (strangers) for directions; one said “Go Ezeagu go find am naa”, another said “Wetin dem dey do for dia?”. To top it all, we approached some security men; one of them told us that he doesn’t know if this our mysterious tourist complex is located in Ezeagu I or II. Brethren! at this point my confusion was grand, I was fed up and can only remember asking Chef-Dee to give me space “I want to faint”.

But luckily and gratefully, we met a driver who knew where the waterfall is located and not the complex (this was after telling him what the “mysterious tourist complex” is comprised of). We boarded his vehicle at the old park and waited like forever for this vehicle to get filled up. Anyways, we set sail and my fictitious reality kicked in; we got to the place, Lo and Behold! Some kinda serious owambe (party) was going down (loud music, bikinis, red cups, booze, shisha, snacks etc); everywhere around the waterfall was on a wavy level. Choi! See groove eeehhhh!. I was still battling with my thoughts on whether I should fall for this temptation or not; when my actual reality suddenly hit me. The sudden horn of a big vehicle blarred and I was awoken still sitting in a bus en route to Ezeagu. (kindly forgive my actual reality, I was tired).

We dropped off at Nkwo-eziagu junction, just beside a very small-market (this journey lasted for about 35minutes).

Took a bike from the junction for a to & fro trip to the waterfall (in Obinofia-Iheuzi village), for a bargained price of a thousand-plus.

Road to the waterfall

This short journey to the falls lasted for another 30minutes courtesy of the untarred erosion-ridden road.

We got to the waterfall and boom! our true and beautiful reality unfolded.

I call this Eden

This is Ezeagu in Enugu State.

I think I have found Eden, Damn! What a beautiful place. “This country Nigeria is so blessed”. I was so happy to be here.

The falls

This fall is a combination of the block and fan type of waterfall.

I felt like diving

The feeling right here was different

Chef Dee doing his thing

Crystal clear pool

Good vibe

We left the fall to return another day to explore the cave and the other areas of the complex.
Visiting Enugu without having a taste of the legendary “Okpa” aka the lion’s meal was not a possibility.

The “Legendary” Okpa from 9th mile

Chef Dee came through again with some of his delicacies.

A taste will leave you twisting like an Oliver. Thank you Chef Dee.

Thank you Enugu till I come your way again.

Have you been to any waterfall before? What was your experience like? Was it as beautiful as the Ezeagu waterfalls?

Kindly comment and share.


29 thoughts on “The paradisiacal glory of the Ezeagu waterfalls

  1. Chef D' says:

    You forgot the hill that even covered the setting sun rays from reaching the lush vegetation, the β€˜cable’ bridge and the floating akpu.


  2. Diusor says:

    So sorry about the stress you had to go through locating this place. I look forward to visiting here some day . I have visited Kwa Falls in Cross River and it was such a beautiful experience

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stevie says:

    Very beautiful scenario…. I’m wondering why you guys were hesitant to deep in. I almost felt like diving in myself through my phone.
    Nice one guys. πŸ‘πŸΌ keep it up!
    P.s …duff please tag Ifeyinwa on this. She’s from Enugu and I doubt she knows a beautiful place like this exists in her state.

    Liked by 1 person

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