Having heard so much about this magnificent waterfall near the border of Cameroon with its seven-drops (the 7wonder falls), I was curious. In order to quench my curiosity, I packed my bags ready for a weekend getaway in Cross River State. Left for Calabar from Port Harcourt to stay with a friend before embarking on my quest to feed my curiosity, lighten my soul, broaden my scope, get baptized under all 7drops, meet and make new friends.

As a solo traveller, I derive so much joy embarking on a new trip, so this case wasn’t different. I had so much anticipated this trip, as such my curiosity level had gone way up resulting in a short lived night rest.
With all pleasure, the journey to the Agbokim waterfalls wasn’t all juicy for some reasons you will get to know as you trail on, therefore it pleases me to share with you my experience.

With the less of a good sleep I had, I was up and about at 7am, prepping for my curiosity journey. Left Calabar for Awi (in Akamkpa) for the purpose of enquiry at the head office of the Cross River State National Park. Having rounded up my enquiries, I boarded a bus just opposite the College of Education in Akamkpa to Ikom.

Trust our Nigerian roads, the journey was graced with series of Police/Immigration checkpoints, bad road(pot-holes), some funny passengers cracking up everyone in the bus and some others wanting to price/buy every foodstuffs we came across, as such causing unnecessary delays.

It took us about 4hrs to get to Ikom. (the state is quite big totalling a land mass of about 21,050 I alighted at the four-corner junction (Not one-corner ooh! *winks*). Got a bike to “survival park” from where I negotiated with another cyclist for an all round trip to the Agbokim waterfalls in Etung L.G.A and back.

On my way to the falls, I came across the oldest storey building in a village called Etomi (in Etung LGA). The people of the Etomi community are good farmers (cocoa to be precise). My journey from Ikom to the Agbokim waterfalls lasted for about 35mins.

The oldest storey building in Etomi Community

TLGM in the Oldest storey building in Etomi Community (currently inhabited by one of the descendants of the owner, Late Mr. Egbe)

Drying of cocoa seeds by the Etomi farmers

From the wake of silence, approaching the waterfall I could hear the burst of thunderous melody roaring aloft steep hills, deep valleys and evergreen vegetation surrounding the Agbokim waterfalls. I got to the waterfalls at about 3:10pm, feeling depressed that I won’t be catching a glimpse of the famous Agbokim rainbow at the falls, because I had read about the famous rainbow appearing between the midday hours of 12pm and 2pm. Contrary to the above claims and to my greatest surprise, the famous rainbow was live in brilliant patterns, shinning in all its colourful glory bidding me (The Last Good Man), welcome to the falls. *winks*. This metamorphosed my sadness into joy.

The famous Agbokim rainbow at the falls

The famous Agbokim rainbow lurking behind me

Without a designated guide to take me round the waterfalls, I got myself a young guy (villager) who was familiar with the falls and he took me to the different viewpoints of the falls explaining to the best of his knowledge. Nevertheless, I was more concerned with the ecstasy mother nature was throwing right at me.
(PS: Not sure why the stationed guide wasn’t available at the moment).

Right under the large steep cliff that makes up the Agbokim waterfalls is an underground cavity and a mini-cave. Within the cave, the bats are there to welcome you.

Mother nature at its best

The Agbokim waterfalls is a wonderfall to behold. The ambience at the fall is second to none. Of all the waterfalls I have visited in Nigeria, the Agbokim waterfalls is paradisaic and scenic in every sense of its worth.

Reading in this scenic and solitudinous atmosphere is a whole new level

Nature’s Jewel

With places like the Agbokim waterfalls and other scenic tourist attraction scattered all over the state, Cross River State lives up to its slogan as “The People’s Paradise”.

I passed the night at Ikom, located the famous Ikom Monoliths the next day and returned to the state capital to continue my weekend getaway.
Stay tuned for Part II *lol*.



  1. Professor Evans says:

    Well done, Duffy. It was indeed an amazing adventure for you at the Agbokim Waterfalls! I especially like the sight of that rainbow at the waterfalls. Looking forward to the next adventure. Cheers!

    Liked by 1 person

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